Wreaths, decorations and easter eggs – original, unique and charming (E-kniha ve formátech PDF, Epub, Mobi a Azw)


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ISBN PDF:  978-80-909070-2-7

ISBN EPub: 978-80-908772-0-3

ISBN Mobi:  978-80-908772-1-0

ISBN Azw:   978-80-908772-3-4

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Would you like to know how to turn everyday items into

unique creations?

How to use readily available material in captivating and

imaginative ways?

Awaken your creativity and explore the endless possibilities

right at your fingertips!

Discover a lot of new ideas to create stylish wreaths, charming

decorations and unique decorative eggs in the new book, following

the bestseller Original Wreaths and Natural Decorations. Within

its pages, you’ll find 40 projects that ingeniously combine

natural elements with recycled material. These projects not only

introduce you to exciting techniques but also provide a soothing

creative outlet. With clear, beginner-friendly instructions and

ample photographs, anyone can embark on these creative

journeys. Here‘s a sneak peek of what awaits you: Button Heart

for Good Luck, Autumn Cake, Lace Eggs or the Moss Boots.

If you’ve ever experienced the exhilarating sensation of crafting

something with your own hands, you know that no store-bought

item can ever hold a candle to your handcrafted creation. It‘s

an excellent way to begin, and it becomes even more gratifying

when you utilize materials readily available around you or items

typically destined for the discard pile. The results often appear

almost miraculous, and, what‘s more, the cost is minimal, only

your time. Unlock the boundless realm of creativity within these

pages, where your imagination knows no bounds.

Wreaths, decorations and decorative eggs reimagined.

Ideas that invite your creative modifications.

Abundant tips and tricks to guide you.

Materials, tools, methods.